• Work does cost / / / the Land does NOT
  • Nature does NOT cost / / / her obtainment and transformation DOES
  • You can set a price for using your Brain

What is Land’s Socialism about:

1. The Land will not have owner, Planet Earth is for humans-animals-plants to share, there will be an Organizer: *Global Chamber for the Organization of the Space (rule by the society itself)

2. To each human it corresponds (at his/her 18 years old of age) a Space-Land for his/her home and crops cultivation*

3. We cannot sell, buy, rent nor inherit the Land, only the structure-building-house. We could inherit the location, but the person would have to give away her/his actual location or could pay rent to society (Global Chamber for the Organization of the Space) for the extra location or even be able to exchange the spouse’s location for the inherited location

4. If someone would like to have more Land; for more homes, business or anything, he/she will be able to have it, as long as it pays rent to society (Global Chamber for the Organization of the Space)

5. If/when you get married, the Land of your spouse could be relocate to another City or Country (like a getaway location)

6. Having in consideration that Space-Land is limited (for now, only one Planet); should we limit the quantity of population?… if we do not want to be stuffed in apartments units in high rise buildings

+++Planet Earth’s Land Surface: 148,940,000 km2 or 148,940,000,000,000 m2 (some parts of these are uninhabitable); Population: 7,530,000,000 humans (2019), but, around 65% are 18 years old or over; these are the numbers to consider+++

7. We have to pay attention to the balance in Space diversity: +Space for Nature +Space for Water +Space for Food (Cultivation-Farms)+Homes +Schools +Recreational +Transportation +Industries +etc